Pippy Oak burr

Pippy Oak burr (Quercus robur)

Pippy Oak Burr wood is a uniquely figured variant of European Oak. It includes sections of the tree where small knots and burrs form, creating a highly decorative, “pippy” appearance. These burrs give the wood a characterful look, filled with small knot clusters and an intricate grain pattern. In boxmaking, we choose woods for their decorative appeal rather than their strength.


  1. Colour/Appearance — Known for richly varied golden brown colours and extraordinary patterns. The burrs result in a dramatic and visually engaging wood.
  2. Grain/Texture — Features a wild, irregular grain pattern due to the burrs and knots. The texture can vary significantly across a single piece of wood.
    Odour — Has a light, fresh woody scent that is noticeable when the wood is worked.
  3. Sustainability — Considered sustainable, though less commonly available due to the specific growth conditions required to form burrs, making it a rarer choice.
  4. Common Uses — Most commonly used in high-end decorative projects, fine furniture, and veneer applications where its distinctive appearance can be fully appreciated.
  5. Alternative Names — Often referred to simply as Pippy Oak.
  6. Countries of Origin — Typically found across Europe, especially in the UK, France, and Germany.
  7. Box/Furniture Making — Highly sought after for luxury bespoke furniture due to its unique and decorative features.

Wood Alternatives Based on Colour

  1. Burl Walnut — Offers a similarly intricate pattern and premium feel.
  2. Figured Maple — Known for its decorative grain, suitable for high-end furniture.
  3. Birdseye Maple — Provides unique visual texture that mimics the complex patterns of burr.


European Oak and Pippy Oak Burr each bring their strengths to furniture design. European Oak offers a reliable and classic look for all types of furniture, while Pippy Oak Burr stands out for its ornate and intricate patterns, perfect for creating statement pieces. Both options uphold a commitment to durability and sustainability, making them excellent choices for buyers looking to invest in high-quality, decorative wood for their projects. Whether seeking traditional elegance or dramatic flair, these two types of oak ensure that there is a perfect match for every design aspiration.

More information

Find more information about the tree species Quercus robur or about the timber Pippy Oak.

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