Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp.)

Eucalyptus timber derives from various Eucalyptus species. Several characteristics make it a popular choice for woodworking projects. It features a light to medium brown colour with a straight grain and a smooth texture.


  1. Colour/Appearance: Light to medium brown colour.
  2. Grain/Texture: The grain is typically straight, with occasional interlocking patterns. Its texture is smooth and even, making it easy to work.
  3. Odour: Faint, pleasant scent reminiscent of its natural oils.
  4. Sustainability: Known for their rapid growth and resilience, making them a sustainable choice for timber production.
  5. Common Uses: Used in a wide range of woodworking, including furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and outdoor decking. Its durability and attractive appearance make it a versatile material for both indoor and outdoor projects.
  6. Alternative Names: Known by alternative names as eucalypt or gumwood, reflecting its botanical name and usage.
  7. Countries of Origin: Native to Australia and also found in various other regions around the world, including South America, Africa, and Asia.
  8. Furniture Making: Used in furniture making for its durability and attractive appearance. Its natural resistance to decay and insect damage makes it suitable for outdoor furniture.

Wood Alternatives Based on Color:

  1. Walnut: Offers a rich, dark brown colour similar to eucalyptus, making it a suitable alternative where a deeper hue is desired.
  2. Oak: Features a light to medium brown colour with distinctive grain patterns, providing a classic and timeless alternative to eucalyptus for furniture making.
  3. Cherry: Warm reddish-brown colour that can resemble certain varieties of eucalyptus, making it a viable alternative for achieving similar decorative qualities in furniture projects.


Eucalyptus timber is prized for its light to medium brown colour, straight grain, and smooth texture, making it a versatile choice forfurniture projects. Its attractive appearance makes it a popular option for indoor and outdoor applications.

Related species:

Eucalyptus burr, Smoked Eucalyptus

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