Dark Grey Dyed Sycamore

Dark Grey Dyed Sycamore (Acer spp)

Dark grey dyed Sycamore timber, derived from the Acer spp tree, which has a fine texture and light colour that is ideal for dyeing.


  1. Colour/Appearance — Shows dark colours very well.
  2. Grain/Texture — The grain is typically straight but can occasionally be wavy, contributing to a fine, even texture.
  3. Sustainability — Considered a sustainable wood source within Europe due to its abundance and fast growth rates.
  4. Common Uses — Used as a veneer for panels and doors. Its fine grain makes it suitable for detailed and intricate woodworking projects.
  5. Countries of Origin — Extensively cultivated throughout Europe, particularly in the UK, France, and Germany.
  6. Box/Furniture Making — A favourite for modern minimalist designs and more traditional pieces.


Sycamore timber takes on finishes and stains well appealing to contemporary tastes.

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