Beech (Fagus sylvatica)

European Beech, derived from the Fagus sylvatica tree, has a light to medium brown colour with a straight grain and a smooth texture. In boxmaking, we choose woods for their decorative appeal rather than their strength.


  1. Colour/Appearance — Light to medium brown colour.
  2. Grain/Texture — The grain is typically straight, with occasional variations. Its texture is smooth and even, making it easy to work with .
  3. Odour — Faint, pleasant scent, which is mild and dissipates over time. This subtle odour adds to the overall appeal of finished projects.
  4. Sustainability — Known for their resilience and adaptability, making them a sustainable choice for timber production. Responsible forestry practices are essential to ensure the long-term health of beech forests.
  5. Common Uses — Used in a wide range of woodworking applications, including furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and tool handles. Its strength, durability, and attractive appearance make it a versatile material for both indoor and outdoor projects.
  6. Alternative Names — Known as European beech or common beech, reflecting its botanical name and widespread usage.
  7. Countries of Origin — Native to various regions in Europe, including the UK, Germany, and France.
  8. Box/Furniture Making — Commonly used in furniture making for its durability and attractive appearance. Its light to medium brown colour and straight grain makes it suitable for a wide range of furniture styles and designs.

Wood Alternatives Based on Colour

  1. Oak — Features a light to medium brown colour with distinctive grain patterns, providing a classic and timeless alternative to beech for furniture making.
  2. Maple — Offers a light, creamy colour similar to beech, making it a suitable alternative for achieving a bright and airy appearance in woodworking projects.
  3. Cherry — Features a warm reddish-brown colour that can complement the tones of beech, providing a vibrant and inviting aesthetic for furniture and decorative items.


In summary, beech timber is prized for its light to medium brown colour, straight grain, and smooth texture, making it a versatile choice for woodworking projects. Its sustainability, durability, and attractive appearance make it a popular option for both indoor and outdoor applications. With its warm and inviting aesthetic, beech adds a touch of natural beauty to any woodworking project.

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