Sycamore burr

American Sycamore burr

American Sycamore burr(Platanus occidentalis)

American Sycamore Burr timber, sourced from the Platanus occidentalis tree, has a pale cream to light brown colour and unique burl patterns resulting from tree growths.


  1. Colour/Appearance — The wood generally displays a pale cream to light brown base colour, with the burls introducing varied patterns of swirling grain and darker knots, adding depth and visual interest to the wood.
  2. Grain/Texture — Typically shows a highly figured grain due to the burled sections, providing a complex texture that is both tactile and visually appealing. The non-burled parts of the wood have a fine, even texture.
  3. Odour — When worked it has a mild, woody scent that is generally not overpowering.
  4. Sustainability — Sustainability depends on responsible forest management practices. It is essential to source this timber from suppliers who ensure the wood is harvested sustainably.
  5. Common Uses — Often used in the making of fine furniture, decorative veneer, and artistic woodcraft where unique patterns can be showcased.
  6. Alternative Names — Simply known as Sycamore Burr.
  7. Countries of Origin — Native to the Eastern United States, where it grows extensively along rivers and rich bottomlands.
  8. Furniture Making — The timber is highly valued for furniture making, particularly in custom or artisan pieces that aim to highlight the natural beauty and intricate patterns of the burl wood.

Wood Alternatives Based on Colour

  1. Maple Burl — Offers a similar light colour and can also feature highly figured burl patterns, making it a suitable alternative for decorative projects.
  2. Birch Burl — Provides a lighter colour base with distinct burl patterns, ideal for those looking for a slightly different yet visually appealing burl wood.
  3. Ash Burl — Known for its durability and interesting burl figures, Ash Burl can be a good alternative, offering a hardness similar to Sycamore for robust furniture pieces.


American Sycamore Burr timber is celebrated for its unique and intricate burl patterns that make it highly prized in the woodworking community, particularly among furniture makers looking to create standout pieces. The timber’s pale cream to light brown colour serves as an excellent backdrop for the rich, swirling grain patterns, enhancing any room’s aesthetic with its natural beauty. Ensuring that this wood is sourced responsibly not only helps preserve natural resources but also supports sustainable practices in the woodworking industry. For those seeking a distinctive and luxurious look in their furniture projects, American Sycamore Burr provides an exceptional material choice.

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