Watch boxes

Explore our watch boxes for men

Our selection of watch boxes for men is designed and crafted to suit many styles and sizes of collection. Particularly, the most popular handmade boxes that accommodate two, four, or six watches, ensuring something for everyone.

Personalised watch boxes

Nowadays, watches are more than just timepieces; they express our style and passion. Consequently, choose a personalised watch box that speaks to your individuality and reflects your unique taste.

Protect your collection

To safeguard your watches from damage and tarnish, our boxes offer the perfect blend of protection and style. Moreover, they keep your collection safe and organised while showcasing its beauty.

Just for you: our custom watch boxes

Personalise your watch storage with our made-to-order watch boxes or commission a bespoke design crafted to your needs. With beautiful
woods and a well-designed layout, we can create a custom watch box that perfectly complements your needs and preferences.

Choosing the perfect watch box

When you choose a watch box or new design, first consider how your watches are displayed. Should it accommodate a single watch or have the capacity to grow with your collection? You might also want to select the wood type and colour, lining, cushions, and watch lasts that appeal to you.  We can always offer guidance at every stage.

Complement your style

A great watch box should seamlessly complement your style and enhance the beauty of your collection. Thus, choose a design that resonates with your aesthetic and provides the perfect backdrop to highlight and showcase your watches.

What next?

View our existing handmade boxes to get a feel for our design style.  Our watch boxes are usually made to order within 6-8 weeks and can be personalised for you.  However, if you want something different then we can discuss a new custom watch box design.  Contact me for a discussion or with any queries.


Once you have a beautiful watch box, what are you going to fill it with? Perhaps, exquisite watches from amazing British watchmakers?