Jewellery Box in Ripple Sycamore and Walnut Burr

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Traditional design Jewellery Box in Ripple Sycamore and Walnut Burr. Handmade in creamy-white Rippled Sycamore and a starkly contrasting dark brown mottled American Black Walnut Burr, lined with silk.

Bespoke box perfect for jewellery and accessories.

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Jewellery Box in Ripple Sycamore and Walnut Burr designed primarily for jewellery and accessories.

The box is hand made using traditional and modern techniques from hardwoods and the best quality wood veneers.

Exterior  Creamy-white Rippled Sycamore contrasts with the dark brown swirling American Black Walnut Burr.  Double Walnut lines delineate the edges and the contrasting woods of the box.

Interior  Navy blue coloured handwoven silk lining.

Contents − Four trays are provided in three layers, each made from Sycamore and lined with silk.

Fittings  Brass stopped quadrant hinges and a brass lock, surrounded by an escutcheon.

Finish  Finally, a low sheen shellac finishes the box.

Wood Information

Grain patterns shown in our images are only representative of the available woods.  As wood is an organic product, no two boxes will be identical.

Black Walnut Burr (juglans nigra)

Rippled Sycamore (acer pseudoplatanus)

Sycamore (acer pseudoplatanus)

Can You Customise This Box?

You can have a handmade box like this jewellery box made in a variety of woods. We can customise the inside with your choice of compartments and trays. Luxurious lining in leather, suede, faux suede or silk is available.

We would be happy to personalise our handmade boxes with an inlay or plaque. Contact us for more details about this Jewellery Box in Ripple Sycamore and Walnut Burr or with any questions.

View our other jewellery boxes or visit the range of Limited Edition boxes we offer. You can also, learn more about how to commission a bespoke handmade box to your requirements.

Our handmade boxes are made to order and can be customised further.

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Dimensions290 × 180 × 155 mm