New Macassar Ebony Watch Box with Sycamore Detail

Just added a new Macassar Ebony watch box with Sycamore detail. Likewise, we have similar handmade boxes within our Macassar collection. Macassar Ebony is another favourite with many gents, it’s dark brown stripes are very bold contrasting against the orange-brown background. This handmade box is also inlaid with white Sycamore and black-dyed Sycamore lines just […]

Gentleman’s Valet Box in Sycamore and Macassar Ebony

Added a new gentleman’s valet box in Sycamore and Macassar Ebony. This is a medium sized handmade box veneered in very contrasting woods. The contents include two small and a large Sycamore tray. Silk lines the tray and the inside of the box. Designing and making fine boxes ~ we design and make bespoke handmade […]