New Valet Box in American Black Walnut and Kingwood

Our new American Black Walnut and Kingwood valet box.  For those who may be unsure, a valet box is a jewellery box for men. American Black Walnut continues to be a favourite with many gents, it’s chocolate brown colour is quite bold and masculine without being overwhelming. This handmade box is also inlaid with a Kingwood […]

New Macassar Ebony Watch Box with Sycamore Detail

Just added a new Macassar Ebony watch box with Sycamore detail. Likewise, we have similar handmade boxes within our Macassar collection. Macassar Ebony is another favourite with many gents, it’s dark brown stripes are very bold contrasting against the orange-brown background. This handmade box is also inlaid with white Sycamore and black-dyed Sycamore lines just […]

Jack on Black Cufflink Box

The Jack on Black cufflink box was recently added as  our range of handmade boxes. This box is included as part of our Jack on Black collection. We can make handmade boxes with our interpretation of other national identities from marquetry if required. Each handmade cufflink box will have a variety of veneers representing colours […]

Small Walnut Burr & Masur Birch Cufflink Box

The Walnut burr & Masur Birch cufflink box was recently added to our range.  Similar in design to our Contrasta collection of handmade boxes. The collection showcases contrasting species between dark and light, color harmonies, pattern and plain. A small sized handmade box, veneered with mixed light and dark brown flowing Walnut burr. A golden beige […]

New Watch Box in American Black Walnut Burr & Sycamore

This is recent commission… A small sized watch box in American Black Walnut and dark Walnut burr with Sycamore.  Designed to hold 2 watches with space for cufflinks. The box also contains two trays each with three sections. Inside of the box is lined with hand woven silk in an ivory colour. American black walnut burr […]

American Black Walnut with Sutherland Tartan Valet Box

This American Black Walnut with Sutherland Tartan valet box is our latest commission. A large valet box made with a deep brown American Black Walnut and is approximately 400 x 235 x 195 mm.  It is designed to hold watches, cuff links and many other objects – some in drawers and others in their own compartments. Sutherland […]

Making Decorative Boxes

This video shows how we generally go about making decorative boxes. This particular box is a watch box and made from European Walnut, Sycamore and American Black Walnut burr. Designing and making fine boxes ~ we design and make bespoke handmade boxes to commission. Our range of boxes and our collections include watch boxes, cufflink boxes, […]

New European Oak Cufflink Box with Walnut Initials

Our latest commission was this small European Oak cufflink box with Walnut initials. I recently delivered this cufflink box in quarter-cut European Oak — a 30th birthday present for the client’s partner. The lid has a panel inset in Pippy Oak with contrasting initials in Walnut. The box interior has been lightly polished to give […]

Valet Box in Light-Grey Dyed Figured Sycamore

Valet box in light-grey dyed Figured Sycamore… keeping those specs safe. A large valet box recently delivered to a client. Designed to primarily house spectacles. The box is veneered in a light-grey figured sycamore with blond sycamore lipped edges separated by a black sycamore line. The tray is removable and floats allowing the storage of papers […]