chopping wood

Legally Sourced Wood?

How do you tell if the timber that I buy or the box that you buy from me is legally sourced wood?

First of all, I buy my wood from well established business in the UK. These businesses tend to belong to a certifying organisation such as the FSC or PEFC etc. Secondly, importers in the UK and EU have to adhere to strict laws and guidance.But there always seems to be some grey areas. Has this wood been sourced before recent law changes? Did this wood circumvent border procedures? Was this wood been mixed with certified and legitimate sources?  Some of this of course is worrying but as a purchaser there is always an amount of trust that you have to give who you’re buying from as you don’t have the means to be certain yourself.

The BBC have just been reporting upon a new database being created in concert with Kew Gardens which may provide an additional way of identifying the origin of organics such as timber.

This is quite interesting – using proportions of isotopes of certain elements found in organic life and tying those proportions to a location it seems it may be possible to identify where things such as wood comes from.

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