valet box in walnut burr and sutherland tartan

American Black Walnut with Sutherland Tartan Valet Box

This American Black Walnut with Sutherland Tartan valet box is our latest commission.

A large valet box made with a deep brown American Black Walnut and is approximately 400 x 235 x 195 mm.  It is designed to hold watches, cuff links and many other objects – some in drawers and others in their own compartments.

Sutherland tartan and hand woven ivory silk line the inside of the handmade box.  And, the personalised lid contains a family crest in marquetry.

Shhh!!! There’s a hidden drawer somewhere in the box…

Most of our boxes are lined with silk, leather, suede or faux suede. However, tartan and other materials can also be used.  Contact us for more information.

Designing and making fine boxes ~ we design and make bespoke handmade boxes to commission. Our range of boxes and our collections include watch boxes, cufflink boxes, valet boxes and much more.

Contact us to discuss a new box that meets your needs.  Alternatively, you can see what stock we have available now.