jack on black cufflink box

Jack on Black Cufflink Box

The Jack on Black cufflink box was recently added as  our range of handmade boxes. This box is included as part of our Jack on Black collection.

We can make handmade boxes with our interpretation of other national identities from marquetry if required.

Each handmade cufflink box will have a variety of veneers representing colours with contrasting details. In this instance, veneered with deep brown Walnut burr, creamy Sycamore and reddish brown Pommele surrounded with black dyed Sycamore.

The linings are blue or red suede or silk.

Designing and making fine boxes ~ we design and make bespoke handmade boxes to commission. Our range of boxes and our collections include watch boxes, cufflink boxes, valet boxes and much more.

Contact us to discuss a new box that meets your needs.  Alternatively, you can see what stock we have available now.