Caution! Deep clean time.. again

One of the least enjoyable things about working with wood is the amount of dust produced.

I have a reasonable extractor linked to all my machines which removes most of the dust fairly efficiently. Anything not sucked up is introduced to my vacuum cleaner at the end of the day.

An air filtration system cleans and recycles the air in the workshop,  apparently 100’s of cubic metres per hour.  I even have the incentive of sweeping the workshop daily to adhere to the terms of my building insurance.

So on balance I think I keep the place fairly clean. But every now and then you’re made aware of those places that you never really notice, those areas that quietly collect tons of dust. For months (probably) building up on rafters, high cupboards, piping, and hoses.

Until just as I’m about to start French polishing (a dust free environment is highly recommended) a light breeze runs through the workshop and it starts to snow. I know we’ve been having some freaky weather in the UK of late but still….. Not only was the box in question a little more textured than required but I’ve now got at least a week of thorough, deep cleansing to look forward to…

Caution! Deep clean time.. again great! Box making on hold, rubber gloves on and a thick layer of dust in the most awkward places to reach.

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