Inside Fine Boxes

Contents for your handmade box includes drawers, trays, smaller boxes, secret compartments, wooden dry liners and material lining. Whatever the purpose of the box, its internal structure will be laid out to appropriately accommodate your contents.


Fitted drawers may be jointed in a number of ways but normally with dovetails to give a contrasting effect between the drawer front and sides. Any number of drawers may be appropriate depending upon the dimensions of the box. These may be opened by use of an external handle or a pin and spring mechanism within the box.


Trays can be made with a variety of compartments and dividers, in various sizes so that one or more trays occupy a level within the box. Trays can be decorated or created in a wood of a colour that compliments or contrasts with the hardwood of the fine box.

Smaller Boxes

Smaller boxes are like trays with lids, some are hinged or lift off.

Secret Compartments

Of course – top secret!

Dry Liners

This is a wooden liner that sits within the box, normally extending slightly higher than the opening. It forms a collar which helps the lid sit nicely on the box.

The liner can be the same timber as the box or a contrasting timber that matches the trays. The liner is not glued to the inside of the box and moves with the expansion and contraction of the box.

Material Lining

The inside of the box including the lid and trays may be lined with a colourful cloth lining. Where an object is contained and protected within the box such as a watch or bottle then the protective padding may also be lined in the same way.

Material linings such as silk, cotton, velvet, leather, and suede; patterned or plain can be applied as suites your taste.