Hardwood for Fine Boxes


We use many interesting species of hardwood for fine boxes.

Our handmade boxes are crafted from timbers milled from mostly hardwood trees.

In temperate and Boreal forests hardwoods are broad-leaf and deciduous. They lose their leaves annually. In tropical forests the hardwoods are evergreens.

Hardwood trees differ from softwoods mainly in their method of reproduction and not necessarily their hardness.   Balsa is a hardwood but is softer than most softwoods. Therefore this would be of little use for boxes or furniture. Conversely, a Yew is a softwood and is very hard and so is popular in furniture making.

Also, hardwoods often have more intense colours than softwoods and are used decoratively as solid timber, veneer and inlays.

Hardwood Timbers

The timbers below are some of the more interesting hardwoods available for fine boxes. These are used to produce a beautiful handmade boxes and furniture.  The colours and grain patterns are representative of the wood. Therefore, as an organic material there will be differences in the actual woods.

Many of these species may have quite interesting variations, workable in solid form such as Pippy Oak, Fiddlebacks, and certain burrs.  But some of woods are only workable in veneer. See veneer for fine boxes for an explanation of veneers, parquetry, marquetry and inlays.

European Hardwood for Fine Boxes

American Hardwood for Fine Boxes

African Hardwood for Fine Boxes