What is veneer made from?

Full disclosure: What is veneer made from?

Veneer is made from thin slices of hardwood timber that are obtained by slicing or peeling a log. These slices are usually less than 3 millimeters thick. Veneer can be cut using different methods depending on the desired grain pattern and the characteristics of the wood required.

The main types of production use lathe peeling, half-round slicing, plain slicing, quarter slicing or rift slicing. More information on the production of veneers can be found with this interesting article at M. Bohlke Veneer.

The veneer slices can then be applied to various surfaces, such as furniture, cabinets, or decorative panels, to give the appearance of solid wood.

Veneer is often used to achieve a high-quality wood finish at a lower cost than using solid wood throughout a piece of furniture or other woodwork. Additionally, veneer allows for more efficient use of timber resources, and in some cases specific effects and carcase styles can only be achieved with veneer. See Selecting Materials for more information.