Are there any types of wood I can’t have?

The types of wood I can’t have are quite small.

Most wood or timber is available in either solid form or as veneer, see
wood types for possible choices. This may include woods that are restricted due to international and local import laws.  This is something we can advise you on during the design phase of commissioning.

International agreements to regulate and monitor the trade of endangered and threatened species such as CITES can have an impact on wood choice in your location.

For example it may possible to use certain Rosewoods that have been imported into the UK. Handmade boxes can be made and sold here without a problem. However, boxes to be exported may need an export licence to your country.  Although, some of these restrictions are based upon the amount or weight of the wood used.

In most cases there will be no restrictions, but any restrictions will be discussed during the commissioning process. You will also be advised if buying a box from our available stock.

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