Explore Boxes

Human fascination with boxes and our curiosity to look inside has existed for millennia. Our need to explore boxes has existed since before the ancient Greek myth of Pandora.  Even children play with the box just as much as the gift inside.

Since the earliest times man has sought to store and protect his most precious things. Often placing them in boxes to conceal their contents.  Others have enhanced their precious objects by protecting them in beautiful containers.

Explore Boxes for You

Whether you have a complete idea of a fine box or just a vague notion for a unique gift and want to know the possibilities, we can help.

Our handmade boxes can be made for any purpose. From conventional styles to more unusual designs and in a variety materials.  We use traditional hand-making and contemporary furniture making techniques to create your box.

So, to understand what is possible, you can explore our range of boxes and our commissioned boxes.  We offer boxes in many styles and configured for whatever contents you have.

Check out the information about designing boxes and making boxes.

You can find some of the natural materials we use in the creation of these boxes under hardwoods and veneers.