Cliff Gidney is a craftsman designing and making fine handmade boxes from his studio workshop in North London.

He makes bespoke boxes and furniture to commission and also develops a range of handmade limited edition boxes for sale.

Craftsman Cliff Gidney
Craftsman Cliff Gidney

A Journey into Box Making

I trained as a furniture designer and maker with one of the leading furniture makers in the United Kingdom.

An early interest in drawing and design developed into studying design and technology with wood and metal subjects at school. While I never pursued crafts after college, life brought many other distractions such as travelling and an IT career instead.

An introduction to bronze sculpting, whilst living in Brussels, piqued my interest in the arts in general, and crafts in particular. The craft of furniture making inspired me. The wealth and precision of traditional hand-making and contemporary furniture making techniques, and the beauty of the wood strongly attracted me.

Fine box making requires creativity in design, attention to detail and good hand skills, the same as furniture making. I enjoy how fine box making brings these characteristics together quickly with smaller projects, and therefore gives me the opportunity to play with designs and making methods.

Craftsman Designed Boxes

Enjoy a beautifully handcrafted decorative box that will last for years. Boxes are fitted with a fineboxmaker | Cliff Gidney brass seal.

Trays for various boxes

If you want to commission a fine box, we can work with you to identify your individual requirements and taste. We can create any type of style of box that you need.  Visit the commission page for more information.

Alternatively, you can view our limited edition boxes and shop directly. We specialise in Watch Boxes, Cufflink Boxes and Valet Boxes for men.

All our boxes are handmade to a high quality using traditional hand-making and contemporary furniture making techniques.

We use interesting materials inside and outside to make our boxes.