Commission a Handmade Box

Why Commission a Box?

If you have looked elsewhere and not found a handmade box to fit your needs. Or, if you’ve been inspired by my style and body of work. Then consider the commission of a handmade box.

Commissioning a fine handmade box is an exciting and fulfilling experience. You can own a beautiful and unique object, designed and made to your precise requirements – to our exacting standards.

What Kind of Box Do You Want?

You probably have an idea of the sort of decorative box you want – its purpose at the very least. Maybe its a large humidor for your increasing collection of Havanas. Maybe its a jewellery armoire or valet box for that special person. Alternatively, it could be a special gift to celebrate a retirement or graduation.

You may have a preference for the type or colour of wood. Additionally, there may be certain details or a motif that you want incorporated in the box. We can personalise your box the way you want it.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

To commission a box, designed and created to your precise requirements will be more costly than a mass produced box of inferior quality. The complexity of the chosen design, the quality and cost of the materials and the amount of work involved will affect the price. However, I can work with you to shape your requirements to your budget.

The Initial Consultation

An initial consultation can take place over the telephone or through email correspondence.

Your precise requirements will be identified – the purpose of the box, dimensions and any other specific features. Wood species, preferred finishes and hardware can be discussed. For more complicated commissions, it may be necessary to communicate at length through email as well.

The Design

Your preferences and requirements will help me to develop a design for you. This design will evolve through a discussions and drawings which will be sent to you, this will allow us to clarify or change requirements as necessary. Likely costs and timescales will also be provided.

The Written Proposal

When we have arrived at a final design and agreed on price and timescales we will then send you a written proposal. This will include dimensions, materials, final price, expected start and delivery dates and any other previously discussed costs.

Creating the Box

Normally a deposit of 50% of the full price is required before I will book a slot in my work schedule. This allows me to make a firm commitment to you and other clients who may be waiting for their commission of your handmade box to begin. The remaining balance should be paid prior to delivery. Fine handmade boxes exceeding £1500 may require staged payments.

Post Commission

I am sure you will be completely happy with your new box and the commissioning process as a whole. The fine handmade box should give you a lifetime of pleasure. I will also advise you on how to best maintain your box for the future, including likely issues with wood movement and the most appropriate polish.

Should you have any concerns at all then I will always be available to discuss them. Your satisfaction and of course your business is very important to me.

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