cliff gidney craftsman

Custom box maker Cliff Gidney

The box maker

Cliff Gidney is a skilled craftsman and box maker from North West London. He specialises in designing and crafting handmade boxes and fine furniture. Additionally, he brings a rich background in furniture design to his work and a deep passion for craftsmanship. This background and passion drive his commitment to quality and creativity.

A journey into box making

An early interest in design and technology initially led Cliff to explore wood and metal crafts at school. Despite pursuing other interests, including a career in IT, his love for crafts continued.

Subsequently, influenced by bronze sculpting whilst living in Brussels, he rekindled his interest in the arts and crafts. This journey led him to discover furniture-making and, eventually, box-making.

After, he trained with a leading furniture maker in the UK and found the blend of traditional woodwork skills and contemporary design appealing. This realisation prompted him to pursue a career as a designer maker.

Craftsman designed boxes

Our handcrafted decorative boxes not only bears the maker’s signature brass seal, which shows authenticity and a commitment to quality but also offers a tangible connection to his craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking for a custom box or simply browsing through the selection of watch boxes, cufflink boxes, valet boxes and jewellery boxes, you can easily find a diverse selection of well-designed boxes from which to choose.

Handmade excellence

By combining traditional and contemporary techniques, Cliff strives to create boxes that not only marry beauty with functionality but also feature interesting woods selected for their aesthetic and practical qualities.

Feel free to contact me to discuss a commission or view our current stock.