Jewellery box in European Walnut

Box style: 0021

Jewellery box in European Walnut designed for jewellery and accessories.

290 × 140 × 100 mm

From £1,200


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  • Contents

    Three trays made from rich brown Walnut and lined with turquoise coloured silk. Two small trays sit on top of the larger tray in two layers.

  • Fittings

    Brass stopped hinges. No lock.

  • Interior

    Turquoise handwoven silk lining shown.

  • Exterior

    Warm rich brown European Walnut with a slight grey to green cast and dark brown grain.  Constructed with visible through dovetails.

  • Finish

    Low sheen lacquer finishes the box.

Wood Used

Grain patterns shown in our images are representative of the available woods and may differ.

Wood is an organic product, so boxes will not be identical.

Customising boxes

You can customise the inside with your choice of compartments and trays.

You can also have a handmade box like this jewellery box made with a variety of woods and luxurious linings in leather, suede, faux suede or silk.

Further personalise your box with a bespoke inlay or plaque. To commission a handmade box to your requirements please contact us.

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