Wedding & Anniversary Boxes

golden-ringsWeddings and civil ceremonies are always a special day for all those involved or attending.  For the couple, family and friends these are memories they want to keep forever.

Whether you want a stylish fine handmade box to store the memories and mementos of your day, or want to give a beautiful box there are many possibilities.

A memory box for the couple can contain all their keepsakes.  A matching set of boxes for the couple – a valet or watch box for him and a jewellery box for her.  A ring box designed for two, to present the rings on the day or to protect them in the future.

If you have an anniversary or any special day for two people, a fine handmade box can speak volumes about how much you care.

Wedding Anniversary Box in Quilted Maple

Great as a wedding anniversary gift, especially for your fifth year – wood. Made to keep all those memories for the future.

Pale brown Quilted Maple on the top and sides with a personalised motif in the lid cut from Maple Burr and detailed with white Holly. » more information