If you’re reading this then you probably own a chair

Like most people I know, you probably own a chair – something quite fundamental to most homes or is it?

The internet is an elite organisation; most of the population of the world has never made a phone call. Noam Chomsky

This quote struck a chord with me.

Many of us in the western world operate in a bubble. We think that we can enhance our lives digitally. Accessing all we need on-line from working, ordering food and shopping for clothes. We even buy our next holiday, and keep in contact with friends and family digitally... continue reading more

Macassar Ebony Watch Box with Sycamore Details

A new Macassar Ebony Watch Box with Sycamore Details recently added to my Limited Edition Boxes range. This continues the series from my Macassar Ebony Watch Design range.

A small sized two watch box veneered with an deep orangey-brown and dark brown striped Macassar Ebony.

The front includes a dyed black Sycamore escutcheon surrounded by white and black Sycamore lines. Similar white and black lines border the American Black Walnut edges on all sides... continue reading more