Memory Boxes

golden-handsA memory box is a great way to store precious objects.  They help you to archive a life story, an experience or a moment that you want to cherish forever.

Whether you want to create a collection of memories from the very beginning with a box for a child or bring together all the memories of someone close to you, a fine handmade box is a fitting compliment.

A box for graduation, a box for retirement, a box for the past, a box for the future, a box to say thank you; fine boxes for any memory.

Memory Box in American Black Walnut and Fiddleback Sycamore

Modern style box in contrasting dark and light veneers. Designed to hold all those memories.

Rich brown American Black Walnut and contrasting creamy white fiddleback Sycamore with a bold black Ebony handle. » more information