These boxes are currently available and can be purchased directly.  Contact me for more information and visit each individual box page for details about that decorative box. Review Postage and Packaging estimations for your country.

Valet Box in Sapele Pommele and Ripple Maple- £725.00 + P&P

A modern styled valet box with contrasting veneers. This is an uncluttered design, simple and elegant lines outside and a single tray and space inside for organised storage.

Brownish red Sapele burr in fiery Pommele stripes on a background of light creamy rippled Maple. » more information

Valet Box in Goncalo Alves- £800.00 + P&P

Bold styled gentleman’s box, designed with a simple exterior not to detract from the striking wood.

Dark interior contrasting well with the creamy white trays, providing plenty of room for a gentleman’s accessories. Similar to a previous decorative box. » more information

Jewellery Box in Kevazingo and Maple- £800.00 + P&P

Traditionally styled jewellery/valet box. Subtle and interesting exterior with strongly contrasted interior, works well as a man’s valet or as a lady’s jewellery box

Marbled rich red brown Kevazingo with multi-directional grain giving a 3 dimensional like quality and creamy Maple borders. » more information

Desk Box in American Cherry and Birds-Eye Maple- £750.00 + P&P

Desk box designed with traditional dovetails in contrasting warm timbers. Suitable for tidying writing materials or for use as valet/trinket box.

Rich orange-brown Cherry and golden-brown Bird’s Eye Maple. » more information

Valet Box in Pomelle Figured Sapele and Birds Eye Maple- £550.00 + P&P

Simple design of contrasting wood colours in a radiating sunburst.

Great for valet or any other purpose such as a holding a single object. Offered without trays but can be priced and made if required. » more information

Jewellery Box in European Walnut- £475.00 + P&P

Jewellery box in a traditional style with a contrasting coloured interior giving a modern twist.

European Walnut timber, which is a warm rich wood revealing a range of colours from light greyish-brown to darker brown grain. » more information