Creating Fine Boxes

This is an overview of how the fine boxes are created from commission to completion.  Further details can be found on the relevant pages.

Commissioning a Fine Box

The process to create your fine handmade box begins with communication, a two way dialogue with you to fully appreciate your requirements and discuss what is possible.

Please read about the commission process if you need any more information.

Designing a Fine Box

There may be a number of designs suggested and explored before a suitable design evolves to satisfy your requirements.  An accepted final design proposal will then allow me to schedule the work.

The design page helps you understand the design process..

Selecting the Materials for a Fine Box

Work commences with the selection of materials to complement the design.  These might include hardwood timbers, hardwood veneers or combinations of both.

Some hardwoods are kept in stock and are usually available immediately, others may need to be acquired and seasoned before use.  Depending upon the wood, this may impact the time taken to complete the commission.

Feel free to explore some of the hardwoods, natural veneers and lining materials available.

Making a Fine Box

Layout drawings are made from the design and used to create a cutting list.  The components are dimensioned and jointed prior to assembly.  Depending upon the design the lid may be incorporated into the sides, to allow the grain to flow around the box, and removed prior to hinging.

Necessary contents such as smaller boxes, trays or drawers are then made and fitted. Your fine handmade box might then be lined with an exquisite fabric or a contrasting timber as required.

Any external decoration such as marquetry may be applied to the box and then completed with an appropriate finish and polish.

Traditional hand-making and contemporary furniture making will give you an insight into how the boxes are made.

And finally. . .

The whole plan is dependent upon the complexity of the fine box and any necessary seasoning; this may take anything from a few days to several months.  However, the careful selection of materials and a considered design could significantly reduce the time.