Small Cufflink Box in Pomelle Sapele and Rippled Sycamore

This is a small cufflink box in Pomelle Sapele and Rippled Sycamore, handmade in wood. The box is veneered with a reddish brown Sapele burr, surrounded by a creamy Sycamore. The fiery Sapele extends from the top of the lid to the front and back of the box.

Leather, suede, faux suede or silk is available as lining for the interior. Enquire about the colours available.

Four compartments are provided for cufflinks, but are large enough to hold other accessories.

Additionally a light finish in shellac or lacquer and a brass catch completes the box.

Customise this box by having another wood combination, lining, different number of compartments, size or add personalisation. Contact me for more details and a price.

Finally, the grain shown in the images is only representative of the available wood. As wood is an organic product, therefore no two boxes can be identical.

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Desk Box in Sapele with Figured Pomelle

This is a large sized desk box.  The box is made from a rich orange-brown Sapele.  It is constructed with visible through dovetails.  The lid panel includes a veneered section in a rich reddish-brown Pomelle which runs down the front and back of the box.

The interior of the base of the box is unlined showing a Sapele interior.

There are five trays in three layers,  each made from dark brown American Black Walnut and lined in a bright red hand woven silk.

A gloss finish in shellac and a brass lock completes the box.