Valet Box in Sapele Pommele and Ripple Maple

This is a small sized valet box veneered with a brownish red Sapele burr in fiery Pommele stripes stretching from the front across to the left, and from the right across to the back. The background veneer is a beautiful light creamy rippled maple.

The interior is lined with a green hand-woven silk.

A tray is provided in Sycamore and lined in the same green silk. An additional compartment space lays under the tray for additional trinkets.

A light finish in lacquer, brass hinges and a brass catch complete the box.

Desk Box in Sapele with Figured Pomelle

This is a large sized desk box.  The box is made from a rich orange-brown Sapele.  It is constructed with visible through dovetails.  The lid panel includes a veneered section in a rich reddish-brown Pomelle which runs down the front and back of the box.

The interior of the base of the box is unlined showing a Sapele interior.

There are five trays in three layers,  each made from dark brown American Black Walnut and lined in a bright red hand woven silk.

A gloss finish in shellac and a brass lock completes the box.

Jack on Black Small Cufflink Box

This is a small sized valet/cufflink box.  The box shows a representation of a folded union flag and is veneered with a mixture of deep brown Walnut burr, light creamy Sycamore and reddish brown Pommele on a background of black dyed Sycamore.

The interior of the box has been lined with a royal blue coloured handwoven silk.

The box contains three compartments for a number of cufflinks with a larger compartment at the back for a larger item.

A light finish in lacquer and a stainless steel catch completes the box.

Valet Box in Pomelle Figured Sapele and Birds Eye Maple

This is a medium sized valet box.  The box is veneered with a reddish-brown pomelle figured Sapele contrasting subtly with a creamy-beige Birds-Eye Maple.  The design shows the Sapele flowing around the corners from a point in the centre of the lid.

The interior of the box is lined from top to bottom with hand woven silk in mocha contrasting with the veneer colours.

A satin finish in shellac and a brass lock completes the box.