Valet Box in Pomelle Figured Sapele and Birds Eye Maple

This is a medium sized valet box.  The box is veneered with a reddish-brown pomelle figured Sapele contrasting subtly with a creamy-beige Birds-Eye Maple.  The design shows the Sapele flowing around the corners from a point in the centre of the lid.

The interior of the box is lined from top to bottom with hand woven silk in mocha contrasting with the veneer colours.

A satin finish in shellac and a brass lock completes the box.

Price: £ 550.00 (for a similar box)

Size: 295 x 190 x 125 mm (approximately)

If you like this design or you're looking for something similar

This design can be customised to suit any purpose or style of box. Similarly, a fine box can be decorated and detailed with a variety of hardwoods, veneers, custom lines, tray configurations and linings of your choice.

Please do not hesitate to contact me as most things are possible and the opportunity to design something interesting is always relished.

Helpful Information

There are any number of factors that may affect the cost of a fine handmade box, listed below are some examples:

  • exotic woods
  • personalisation
  • hardware and materials
  • tray configurations
  • complexity of design
  • types of lining