Small Valet Box in American Black Walnut with Kingwood

A small American Black Walnut valet box or Gentleman’s box. The box includes a tray for jewellery, cuff links and other accessories.

The exterior of the handmade wooden box is covered in a chocolatey brown American Black Walnut burr veneer. Darker brown lines enhance the grain. Additionally, the edges of the box are chocolate brown straight grained Walnut. These are inlaid with Kingwood lines of a dark purplish or reddish brown with darker black streaks which complements brown Walnut.

A soft sheepskin suede in Peacock Green, lines the interior of the box, complementing the colour of the Walnut. Luxurious suede lines the Walnut tray and as the tray is suspended in the front compartment, this results in there being plenty of usable space underneath.

Brass stopped hinges and a brass sliding catch are fitted to the box.

Finally the box is finished with a hand applied high sheen shellac.

This kind of Walnut normally has a very straight grain, subsequently giving a very traditional looking pattern with a warm colour.

Wood: American Black Walnut, Kingwood

Lining: Peacock Green Hairsheep Suede

Price: £ 720.00 (for a similar box)

Size: 190 x 190 x 110 mm (approximately)

If you like this design or you're looking for something similar

This design can be customised to suit any purpose or style of box. Similarly, a fine box can be decorated and detailed with a variety of hardwoods, veneers, custom lines, tray configurations and linings of your choice.

Please do not hesitate to contact me as most things are possible and the opportunity to design something interesting is always relished.

Helpful Information

There are any number of factors that may affect the cost of a fine handmade box, listed below are some examples:

  • exotic woods
  • personalisation
  • hardware and materials
  • tray configurations
  • complexity of design
  • types of lining