Wedding Anniversary Box in Quilted Maple

This is a medium size Wedding Anniversary/Jewellery box.  The box is veneered with a pale brown Quilted Maple on the top and running down all sides.  The personalised motif in the panel is cut from Maple Burr and detailed with Holly.  All edges have been lipped with Maple and detailed with Cherry and Maple lines.

The interior of the box has been lined with an ivory coloured handwoven silk.

The box contains three trays in American Cherry.

A light finish in lacquer and a brass catch completes the box.

2 Watch Box in American Black Walnut and Sycamore Detail

This is a small sized watch box.  The box is veneered with a deep brown American Black Walnut.  The lid is detailed with the client’s initials in Fiddleback Sycamore within a Walnut Burr background.  A matching Burr escutcheon and Sycamore edges complete the outside of the box.

The interior of the box is lined from top to bottom with silk in ivory colour.

Two sections are provided for watches, each including a silk lined pillow. An additional larger section is also provided with two small trays. Each tray has three compartments each lined with silk.

A matt finish in shellac and a stainless steel lock completes the box.