Large Valet Box in American Black Walnut with Sutherland Tartan

This is a large sized valet box.  The box is made with a deep brown American Black Walnut.  The lid and sides have been veneered with beautiful American Black Walnut Burr panels which gives a deep chocolatey brown background with darker swirls.  These panels are surrounded by Kingwood banding separated by Box and Ebony lines, then bordered on the outside by quarter sawn American Black Walnut.   The lid includes a centrally located crest in Fiddleback Sycamore.

The lid opens to reveal four compartments at the back for watches, each containing a watch pillow lined with Sutherland tartan.  The central rear compartment is designed to present a silver kilt pin in the shape of a sword and brooch in the shape of a shield.  Two compartments at the front on either side hold silver collar stiffeners.  The largest compartment at the front presents a sgian dubh (sock knife).  The two smallest compartments hold rings.  Each compartment is lined in a hand woven ivory coloured silk.

The inside of the lid is lined in matching tartan.

The front of the box is a door which can be lowered to reveal three American Black Walnut drawers, all lined in ivory silk.  The top drawer has three small sections with a larger section to hold pens.  The middle drawer has fifteen sections for cufflinks.  The bottom drawer has four sections of varying sizes.

One of the special things about this box is that it has a hidden drawer.  The drawer is behind one of the panels on the side.  Once the lid has been raised, the side panel may be raised to reveal the makers mark and a small drawer which runs the length of the box.  This drawer is lined with tartan.

A gloss finish in shellac and stainless steel lock and escutcheon completes the box.

Price: £ 4400.00 (for a similar box)

Size: 400 x 235 x 195 mm (approximately)

If you like this design or you're looking for something similar

This design can be customised to suit any purpose or style of box. Similarly, a fine box can be decorated and detailed with a variety of hardwoods, veneers, custom lines, tray configurations and linings of your choice.

Please do not hesitate to contact me as most things are possible and the opportunity to design something interesting is always relished.

Helpful Information

There are any number of factors that may affect the cost of a fine handmade box, listed below are some examples:

  • exotic woods
  • personalisation
  • hardware and materials
  • tray configurations
  • complexity of design
  • types of lining