Large Cufflink Box in Macassar Ebony

This is a large sized cufflink box for a collector.  The handmade box is veneered with an orangey-brown and bold dark brown striped Macassar Ebony.

The lid includes a black dyed Sycamore panel with rippled Sycamore initials and white Sycamore border lines.  The front includes an escutcheon that matches the personalised lid panel.  White and black lines border the Walnut edges on all sides.

The interior of the box is lined from top to bottom with bright red leather.

A tray in American Black Walnut is provided with sufficient compartments for twenty pairs of cufflinks.  The tray is also lined in red leather.  Similar built in compartments for another twenty pairs of cufflinks are provided under the tray, lined in leather.

A light finish in lacquer and a brass lock completes the box.

Valet Box in Sapele Pommele and Ripple Maple

This is a small sized valet box veneered with a brownish red Sapele burr in fiery Pommele stripes stretching from the front across to the left, and from the right across to the back. The background veneer is a beautiful light creamy rippled maple.

The interior is lined with a green hand-woven silk.

A tray is provided in Sycamore and lined in the same green silk. An additional compartment space lays under the tray for additional trinkets.

A light finish in lacquer, brass hinges and a brass catch complete the box.