Large Valet Box in American Black Walnut with Kyle Tartan and Union Flag Inlaid

This is a large sized valet box. The box is made with a deep brown American Black Walnut. The lid and sides have been veneered with beautiful American Black Walnut Burr panels which gives a deep chocolatey brown background with darker swirls. These panels are surrounded by reddish brown Kingwood banding separated by Box and Ebony lines, then bordered on the outside by quarter sawn American Black Walnut. The lid includes a centrally located initial ‘H’ in Fiddleback Sycamore and bordered with Kingwood.

The lid opens to reveal four compartments at the back for watches, each containing a watch pillow lined with navy blue suede. The front compartments are designed to hold 12 sets of cuff links separately.

The inside of the lid is lined in Kyle Blue tartan, which is mainly a bright red with medium blue lines.

The front of the box is a panel which lowers to reveal four American Black Walnut drawers, each lined in navy blue suede. The top drawer has 12 sections for cuff links. The other three boxes each have an additional 24 sections for cuff links.  The inside of the panel has a Union Flag laid out in Walnut, Sycamore and Pomelle.

The escutcheon is bordered with Kingwood.

A satin finish in lacquer with a brass lock and hinges complete the box.

Jewellery Box in Ripple Sycamore and Walnut Burr

This is a medium sized jewellery box.  The box is veneered with a creamy-white rippled Sycamore and a starkly contrasting dark brown mottled American Black Walnut burr.  Double Walnut lines delineate the edges and the contrasting woods of this box.

The base of the box is lined with hand woven silk in a deep navy blue whilst the lid is unlined showing a rippled Sycamore interior.

There are four trays in three layers, each is made from creamy-white Sycamore and lined with the deep navy blue hand woven silk.

An inverted triangular shaped escutcheon in walnut burr and double walnut lines decorates the keyhole.

A gloss finish in shellac and a brass lock completes the box.